Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (60 Softgels)


Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is a remarkable natural source of vitamins, essential and non-essential fatty acids
Sea Buckthorn Berries, more than 2 billion years old, have served as a remedy to various medical conditions throughout the world from early on. The berries, sometimes called a "wonder plant" are proven to contain at least 190 biologically active nutrients including all known vitamins. It is the single best vegetarian source of Omega- 7 fatty acids, to help your body overcome inflammation and regulate healthy skin and cell membranes. Derived 100% from berry oil, this product can be used to promote gastrointestinal, respiratory, skin, liver, cardiovascular, and immunity health.
When taken regularly, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil offers several significant health benefits. Notably high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil helps the neutralization of free radicals within the body. Vitamin E helps protect body tissue, cells, and organs from damage caused by free radicals while supplying oxygen to all the muscles in the body to promote healthy skin and hair. Along with Vitamin E, Carotenoids found in Berry Oil may help reduce degenerative processes associated with aging. Sea Buckthorn may also serve as an immunity enhancer by strengthening the body's natural defense and promoting natural healing. Sea Buckthorn promotes the metabolism of the good type of cholesterol and fats while the berry oil provides a layer of protective coating inside the mouth, stomach, and intestines to enhance gastrointestinal, lung, and liver health.

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